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This wiki features the generous contributions of UK language teachers – case studies focussing on speaking with 7 – 14 year-olds in the language classroom.


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This wiki was set up by the Association for Language Learning (ALL) originally as part of the ALL Connect Project, and features speaking resources and activities generously contributed by language teachers across the UK. You can read their suggestions and contributions freely below. Further content is listed on the left-hand bar of this Home Page.

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ALL Connect's online training resources for Key Stages 2 and 3, including on Speaking, are on the ALL Connect Blog.

Get involved in your subject association and become a member of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and check out local and national events.

ALL cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the references on this wiki, although links were checked at the time of their contribution.

The editorial group has tried to acknowledge any copyright issues. If there are others, please advise us at ku.gro.segaugnal-LLA|ofni#ku.gro.segaugnal-LLA|ofni and we will attempt to rectify or remove any offending material.

In relation to contributors' suggestions, the copyright for those ideas remains with the original author, and not with ALL. We are grateful for the sharing of these ideas.

Our grateful thanks also go to Bernard Clark at Durham County Council, for his help and advice on setting up this wiki.

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Latest resources

Greg Horton's Group Talk resources (Contributor: Steven Fawkes)

KS2_Spanish_ClasificacionDePalabras (Contributor: ALL Connect Team)

KS2-3 Jollyphonics (Contributor: ALL Connect Team)

KS2-3 French Sounds Key Words (Contributor: ALL Connect Team)

KS2-3 Francophoniques (Contributor: ALL Connect Team)

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